Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Airplot - i am an owner
I've signed up to protest against a third runway at Heathrow. The thing I find really daft about it is that the government claims it can cut UK emissions and have a third runway. It can't and the money would be much better invested in our railways, adding more cycle carriages for example.

Greenpeace is alas a little bit like New Labour in 1997 in the way it uses 'celebrities' to try to generate support and media coverage for its campaigns. While celebrities are always open to accusations of hypocrisy, with their carbon-intensive lifestyles, it's hard not to like Richard Briers.

Click here for more info on the campaign against the third runway.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Without celebrities, it's hard to get green issues into the headlines, without drastic and disruptive action like runway sit-ins (Plane Stupid et al). The problem, as I see it is that most celebrities are rich and thoroughly compromised, it's hard to take Trudi Styler seriously after the Guardian interchange and Bonio calling Blair and Brown the "John and Paul" of poverty campaigning is beneath contempt.
Are the kind of people who only pay attention to news stories with slebs in them really going to use fewer carrier bags? If not, the slebs should be ditched as a liability.

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