Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hedge pledge

Ok, so none of the pledges is actually about hedges, but I quite like this sort of thing as it makes me feel good about myself as I d a lot of green stuff already, and because we should encourage councils to spend money on positive things, not just cleaning up dog shit and not giving out late licences.

My pledges
* Push the off button and don't leave electrical appliances on standby: I already
* Sign up for a Home Energy Check with the Energy Saving Trust: Not yet
* Walk short journeys of one mile or under: I already
* Drive down vehicle emissions and run my car in a more environmentally friendly way: Not yet
* Use the orange sack or orange banks to recycle all my paper and card, tins and cans, aerosols, glass bottles and jars and plastic bottles: I pledge to
* Drink tap water rather than bottled water: I pledge to
* Turn off the tap when brushing my teeth: I already
* Replace one bath a week with a shower: I already
* Stop taking plastic carrier bags from shops: I pledge to
* Write a shopping list and stop buying more food than I need: I pledge to
* Not use pesticides in my garden: Not yet
* Plant a window box: Not yet
* Leave washing to dry in the open air instead of using the tumble dryer: I already
* Replace all light bulbs in my home with energy saving bulbs when they run out: I pledge to
* Get on my bike and cycle to school or work: Not yet
* Leave my car at home and use public transport to go to work: I already
* Reduce the amount of junk mail I receive: I already
* Find a new home for unwanted household items: I pledge to
* Put a Hippo or a save-a-flush device in my toilet cistern: Not yet
* Use water collected in a water butt to water my garden: Not yet
* Buy products made from recycled materials, such as paper for my printer: Not yet
* Have milk delivered by local milk man: Not yet
* Give a home to birds by putting up a nesting box: Not yet
* Plant native plants in my garden: Not yet
* Sign up to a renewable energy provider: I already
* Insulate my home effectively: Not yet
* Join a car club or car share: Not yet
* Take a 'no flying' holiday this year: Not yet
* Use a home composter for my garden and kitchen waste: Not yet
* Encourage my school or work place to set up a recycling scheme: I already
* Have my water company install a water meter: I already
* Volunteer to make Wandsworth's waterways cleaner and more bio diverse places: Not yet
* Use green cleaning products: I already
* Reduce my 'food miles' by buying seasonal fruit and vegetables produced in the UK whenever possible: I pledge to
* Construct a pond to provide homes for water loving wildlife: Not yet
* Use grey water to water my garden: Not yet


Blogger quietlybreathing said...

I think a lot of my answers to these are I'm trying to... I try to always take a cloth bag to the shops with me, so why do I still have a drawer of carriers..? Glad to see I get extra points from having a milkman.

Well done you for your "no flying holiday" Penny. I reckon camping in the rain in Wales' got to count too.

I really do mean to buy seasonal fruit and veg, but I'm not usually organised enough. I guess that's another "not yet".

Oooh, creating a pond! Not yet, but I had a lovely old galavnised steel bucket that I want to grow a water lily in - does that count?

I think these are all really good things, but how many people can stick to them? Honestly what difference can it make in the general scheme of things? Apart from keeping your soul clean.

8:34 AM  

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