Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ich bin hier fremd

I found this CiF article on MigrationWatch interesting for three reasons; firstly, because the respondents are, in the main, supportive of MW's existence and agenda, and critical of the article. I wonder if this is indicative of an increasing divide between the politics of TG's readership and that of GU's readership. Or just suggests that free speech forums on the web represent nothing more than those who have the time, the ability and the strength of feeling to respond.

Secondly, the author of the piece responds to some of the comments about half way down — I have previously wondered whether the commentators ever read the comments that their comment begets. I was also amused by the author's retort that "I'm old so I can't be ageist". I'm not sure how successfully that argument is used in regard to other isms.

Finally, I had not considered, prior to reading this article, the possibility that immigration is supported by some sectors of the economic Right as a way to divide the unionism of the Left and undermine the working classes by providing cheaper labour and preventing the source of that cheaper Labour from uniting with their fellow class members, because of supposed linguistic, cultural and other divides.



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