Thursday, March 22, 2007

Don't fly with me

First point, isn't it rather curious that Gordon's parting gesture as Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer should be cutting income tax? I can't understand why, in a country with such a massive range of incomes, there should be such crude (and low) income tax bands. Probably because I'm not an economist but hey.

Right, I followed with interest (on a quiet day in the office) developments in the main parties' green policies. Yes, it does seem that aviation emissions get disproportionately bad press, because they are much smaller than many industry emissions, mainly power stations.

But they are one of the most rapidly rising areas of emissions, which is, I think, why it's right to try to slap them down now. A cabinet policy review paper says: "On current trends aviation would be equivalent to 26% to 44% of the UK's emission target by 2050" (quoted in The Guardian). I do wish, though, that just some of the money spent on curtailing aviation emissions was redirected to creating a fast and fantastic EU railway system. It aint gonna happen soon though.

I'm not against government initiatives (although I do question the fairness of directing so many emissions reduction policies at individuals, rather than businesses). But I increasingly feel that I can only deal with my own emissions (no pun intended) and so chose to recycle, avoid flying and driving, and change to a green power provider (I will soon, honest). I feel, now, that there is no point in switching off other peoples' computers, recycling their rubbish, dissuading them from exotic travel. It may be my problem, but it's not my business. I quit you all.


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