Thursday, January 11, 2007

Choo choose!

I have little choice but to travel by train (or another form of public transport) as I don't have a car and was not a particularly confident driver when I did have my little racing car Mini.

But the price of train tickets incenses me. It's utterly illogical — why is a single not half the price of a return? how can it be cheaper to fly to mainland Europe than get a train to the south coast? why do trains operatoring companies insist on including excessive numbers of first-class seats on trains, while people in standard class are cramped together or forced to stand? — and completely out of keeping with the supposed green credentials of the the main UK political parties.

So I was pleased to discover this article in the Guardian on how to reduce the price you pay for train travel — especially as my young persons railcard runs out in but a few days...


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